Food, glorious food!

Old Home Cottage is also host to The Artisan Bakery School. We run several day courses a week, and residential baking breaks are our speciality!



Breakfasts consist of a selection of freshly baked breads, orange juice, home-made preserves, fresh fruit or fruit compote, yoghurt,  muesli or granola, and eggs from local hens if desired.  We will do our best to accommodate special diets if you let us know in advance.

Picnic lunches.

Picnic lunches are also available by arrangement, and vary in price according to whether you need hunky sandwiches for your rucksack or a more romantic hamper for a secluded beach.  Please ask us for suggestions when making your booking.





3 thoughts on “Food, glorious food!

  1. Hello, i have booked a room for wednesday night. How much are your picnic lunches as i was hoping to take my boyfriend for a romantic lunch after we depart on thursday. What can be put into a picnic lunch?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Tabitha,
    Normally I provide a picnic basket with glasses, cutlery and cloth napkins, but as you will be travelling onwards, I would do a paper bag/cardboard box style lunch with plastic glasses etc. In terms of food, I can do something simple like smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches on artisan bread (seeded, rye or white spelt), or brie and grapes/chutney, or home made egg mayonnaise and cress, for example. Then a slice of peach or plum frangipane cake for dessert, or perhaps a fruit fool – mango and cardamom is lovely. If you are looking for something different, I could do home made falafels, spicy couscous and fresh tomato/avocado salsa. Or you could choose individual quiches – asparagus/mushroom/broccoli & blue cheese etc.,or home-made focaccia, with couscous or green salad on the side.
    In terms of drinks, I offer either home-made lemonade or small bottles of wine or mineral water.
    If you’d like to let me know what appeals, I can give you a price. We generally ask around £15 – £20 per person.

    • Hello Penny,

      That all sounds lovely. Could i possibly have a selection of the sandwiches you have mentioned. They are all my boyfriends favourite. I love the sound of the peach or plum frangipane, which ever is easiest for you. Also the home made lemonade sounds perfect. Is this ok?


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